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CPGmatters: Analysis of Retail Digital Media Activity Helps Kellogg Better Shape Strategies

November 29, 2012

Although the process of tracking and analyzing retail digital media is new and still being defined, it already represents about a $750 million spend for manufacturers and is expected to grow. What do you think are the benefits as well as the challenges of analyzing retail digital media activity?      [more...]


Yes, Ryan, I get tired of new jargon too, especially when it doesn't add clarity to the discussion.

Of course there is merit in tracking out-of-store and competitive messaging and correlating these with in-store behaviors. Under the old-school advertising model this was too unwieldy a proposition to be put to practical use. In our present digital world, continuous data capture and lag-free analysis become tantalizingly possible.

The hard part comes next. Define business processes that can put the derived insights to work on a daily basis. With the boundaries of the retail environment dissolving due to mobile, social and search, this is a significant opportunity indeed.

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