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Richard J. George, Ph.D.

Professor of Food Marketing
Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph's University

Will Kroger Buy A&P Next?

July 26, 2013

A&P is looking for a buyer, and management at the grocery chain apparently has concluded that the business is in good enough shape to attract the type of money required to pursue its growth goals. Which retailers would benefit most from acquiring A&P?      [more...]


Unfortunately, A&P's days of glory and even survival are behind this once iconic food retailer. If Kroger wants to fill in geographic areas that A&P occupies, it could be a suitor. Likewise, Ahold might want to acquire some of A&P's better locations. Fact is that the areas where A&P still operates are over stored and will represent a challenge to any suitor to operate profitably.

Currently, A&P's declining value is in its real estate, which might attract non-food interest.

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