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Walmart Says 'No Comment' to HuffPost

December 5, 2012

As the largest retailer in the world, Walmart is a very big target for media. Still it's perplexing that the company has chosen to stop talking to a major media outlet, The Huffington Post. Do retailers "cut off their nose to spite their face" when they refuse to speak with major media outlets?      [more...]


"Unfair" coverage had to happen to Walmart. They have become too big, too widespread and deeply entrenched into our daily lives not to engender attacks and hostility. That makes them red meat for major media outlets and ideological and dalliance opponents.

Today it is very difficult to effectively deal with the endless blogs and blows that modern technology allows everyone. This will continue and increase. So, retailers might, as Frank Sinatra crooned, "take the blows and do it my way."

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