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Roger Saunders

Global Managing Director
Prosper Business Development

Consumers Experience Loss of Self Control at the Checkout

October 16, 2012

It may be that consumers need to be protected from themselves at the checkout lane. Do you agree with the logic that "candy at the cash register" constitutes a risk factor for chronic diseases? Do retailers have an obligation to offer checkouts free of foods high in fat, salt, sugar, etc.?      [more...]


No! No!

The nanny state that these two authors are promoting is ridiculous. What's next? Let's not put magazines with Hollywood starlets scantily dressed at the checkout counter? Don't place Girl Scout Cookie offerings at the end of counters or in the entry area of the store? No more Little League baseball donations at checkout because someone's son (or daughter) didn't make the team? Do we ban all candy, salt, sugar, and fats?

Merchants are attempting to grow their revenues and margins by offering consumers items that they may choose to purchase. Consumers are willing to take personal responsibility for their lives. These authors should be willing accept the liberty that people want and value in their lives.

This is truly NUTS!!!

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