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Ken Lonyai

Digital Innovation Strategist, co-founder
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Who Needs Call Centers When There's Twitter?

December 4, 2012

Recent mechanical failures of appliances purchased from a single retailer resulted in a call to the chain's service department. After dealing with service reps for over an hour and getting nowhere, the customer took to social media. Will consumers taking their complaints directly to social media make retailers reassess call center operations?      [more...]


George was careful not to mention the company he dealt with, which is a big factor. The brand he pressured via tweets, monitored their Twitter account and reacted to avoid public embarrassment. Most won't and some will react negatively, worsening a situation. It's completely a reflection of a brand's overall view of customers and interacting with them.

Therein lies the problem of SM as the defacto customer satisfaction tool: in this manner it's forcing a brand to react to public scrutiny. No business will choose to manage customers in that way. In fact, using tweets to force a company's hand would open the channel for abuse, so brands will never want to open up that floodgate to bad brand image. They'll stick with more discreet channels and keep/move conversations offline where they are private and controllable.

So, it's not the tools or the medium, it's the company's true view of customers and their willingness to please them. In my book, it's a matter of committing to user experience, via all channels, which will minimize opportunities for dirty laundry to be aired in public.

(BTW George - how about posting your tweets here?)

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