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David Biernbaum

Senior Marketing and Business Development Consultant
David Biernbaum Associates LLC

Cameras Roll for Walmart 'Worker' Protests

November 26, 2012

While the lead retail story on the evening news this past weekend was far and away Black Friday mania, the secondary one in many markets dealt with the union-led protests at several dozen to hundreds of Walmart's across the country. How would you characterize the state of employer/employee relationship across the retail industry today?      [more...]


Walmart has a long standing business model allowing for everyday low pricing. Any significant change in how employees are compensated might likely be a game-changer.

Overall, retail employees, probably Walmart included, all would like to earn higher salaries and wages, and also be provided better benefits. And who could blame them? It's almost impossible to raise a family on a retail salary while having also to pay so much out of pocket for health insurance.

But ironically, due largely in part to Walmart, retailers will have a very difficult time staying in business and making a profit, if retail employees are compensated more than they are at present. As a result, there will be some unhappiness. I do think retailers can do a much better job in creating an atmosphere where employees feel better about their jobs, and their employers.

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