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Ryan Mathews

Founder, ceo
Black Monk Consulting

Walmart Can't Wait for Black Friday to Begin

November 12, 2012

Ten p.m. must have been too late a start for Walmart last Thanksgiving. This year the retailer has decided that it will swing open its doors at eight o'clock in a rush to capture greater share of consumer expenditures this holiday season. How much advantage do Walmart and others gain by opening hours earlier than the competition?      [more...]


Let's see ... Sears is opening their "Black Friday" promotions four days earlier -- (Grey Monday????????).

I think we should solve the whole problem by opening stores at midnight October 31 and keeping them open non-stop until Christmas Day. After all, what says "Special" better than a promotion that runs for two months?

Of course ... if that happened ... then Walmart would have to start their "holiday" period on Labor Day. Then, Sears would have to move back their "holiday" sale to the Fourth of July. Then ... well, you get the idea.

As that great retail analyst Aretha Franklin once asked, "Who's zooming who?"

The idea of calculating Black Friday starts with the retail equivalent of an infinite regression model is bound to backfire one of these days when consumers wake up to the fact that the entire retail community -- with the thankful exception of Nordstrom -- is herding them like sheep to the slaughter.

Oh ... about that whole customer service thing? No worries. Employees -- if they are working these bizarre shifts at least call them what they are, they aren't associates just chattel labor -- love to leave the dinner table to get trampled by customers too acquisitive and dumb to stay home and enjoy the holidays with their families.

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