Tyler Cumella

Marketing Associate at Promoboxx
  • Posted on: 10/27/2016

    Does talking to a human still matter?

    While the development and growth of AI is inevitable, I believe that brick-and-mortar retailers remain one of the last true points of meaningful connection between brands and local audiences.With the rise of e-commerce and decline of larger, big-box retailers, it is only becoming more challenging for brands to reach and engage consumers with real impact, and consumers still want an authentic shopping experience that brick-and-mortars are uniquely qualified to provide.These retailers expose brands in a premium way while providing an exceptional consumer shopping experience. They work with a respect for the brands they sell, priding themselves on expert product knowledge, superior service, and their influence in local communities.Instead of pooh-poohing this connection or completely shifting focus towards advances in technology, I think that brands would best be served by thinking about how they can leverage advancements in tech in order to better empower their local retailers and keep the relationships thriving.
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