Sky Rota CEO
I am a 12 yr old blogger/vlogger, Generation Z consultant.
My name is Sky, I’m 12yrs old & in 7th grade. I’m severely dyslexic & have ADHD. I attend a school for kids who learn differently, I don’t use the term (Learning disabled) because I’m Not disabled! Just because I can’t learn in a conventional manner doesn’t make me disabled. Most of all, I don’t allow my differences to define me. I know first hand how my Generation thinks, moves, plays, spends & creates. We aren’t like any Generation before us, and Yes, We start at a young age. I consider myself a young ambitious entrepreneur who specializes in consulting with educators, parents, therapists, businesses & brands regarding everything Gen Z. I am an authority on Dyslexia, ADHD, Learning disabilities & know first hand what its like to be bullied by adults & teachers. I consult on everything generation Z related. Consider me your personal ambassador. I’m on an endless mission to give Generation Z an outlet to show the world their Strengths.
Author of: "Look Mom, I’m the Dumest One in My Clas"
The true story of nine-year-old Sky Rota, who during the fourth grade discovers he is severely dyslexic. Hopeful that his school would be understanding and help him embrace and develop his unique methods of learning, his parents soon realized that they would have to fight for him. Instead of encouraging Sky, his teachers punish him for his “weaknesses.” His school saw his dyslexia as a disability as well, labeling him as different and an outsider. Sky and his parents quickly learn dyslexia comes with as many gifts as it does challenges
  • Posted on: 05/19/2017

    Is influencer marketing all that it’s cracked up to be?

    I think it is safe to say I watch YouTube more than anyone who posts on here. I personally would like to see one of the YouTube personalities I watch be the one in the ads that I am forced to wait to skip. But they must have some creative freedom to back the content to stay true to their fans. We like it to watch real content. I am a car fanatic. I follow some bloggers who are not the top ones who still have 500,000 subscribers and are fantastic and have personality. Car companies have been making the car commercials and ads the same forever, why not try out someone that we actually enjoy watching?
  • Posted on: 05/18/2017

    Is the $400B prescription drug business ripe for an Amazon disruption?

    First of all who really knows the price of drugs? My mom has to shop around because the same exact prescription is $180 at one drug store an another one has the same script for $90. Sounds like they just get to charge what they want. If Amazon gets into to this drug business they will most likely try their best to have the lowest prices and we know they will be delivered. So it will be another home run for them, they are going to try to ship everything they can get their hands on. So would I. It's only a matter of time before they have liquor licenses and are able to ship alcohol, already doing beer and wine. And when marijuana is legal everywhere, maybe not in some of your guys' time, they will be shipping that to. Have a nice day. ☼
  • Posted on: 05/15/2017

    Can retailers keep up with Gen Z’s digital savviness?

    We already have tons of influence on our parents.There is no such thing as waiting for Christmas or birthdays for Generation Z. My friend just received a Oculus VR Headset for no reason, just because he is gifted with persistence. I just received a 3D printer because I texted my father a persuasive essay a few days a week for 2 weeks. We are professionals as convincing our parents to make purchases out side of holidays.You must start now. I was just 13 and know every available new thing out there, our parents aren't up on things like we are, so do not wait until we have our own money as we are much more willing to spend our parents money than we will our own. Example: I have been printing 3D objects for 6 days straight since I got my lessons. I have made a minimum of $45.00 per day selling my 3D printed things at school. My father found out and asked if I was going to start paying him back for the printer, I replied, that was never in any deal when it was purchased.As you see, we like to find ways to earn money but don't love spending. You must treat us as if the school age years are our peak years. Right now! My soon to be released book, "The GenZ Answer Key for Business" is going to help to answer so many of these questions for businesses and brands. GenZers need to be able to buy everything we see on any commercial social media post. We don't like Pinterest, we want to be directed straight to the product, no looking around. We hate email! We do not want to do any online chat or god forbid, have to call somewhere. We are only interested in text support like We will never ever sit and wait to speak to someone like you do or go through some menu -- we can't pay attention long enough and won't waste time, our most precious thing. We want immediate answers or we will go to another mobile store that can give us what we want.It isn't so much that we aren't loyal, it's that we don't have to put up with anything today. Mean customer service people, not happening, Terrible mobile experience, click off site. Horrible checkout process, we are gone. Don't carry what you say, never coming back. We have sooo many options at our fingertips and don't have to drive around to find them. This is fierce competition, It's time to start drafting your GenZ teams.I'm here to help, just reach out. :)
  • Posted on: 05/02/2017

    Will giving associates mobile devices enhance the shopping experience?

    How is it customer engagement if they are staring down at their mobile device? Macy's shoe department uses a mobile device and they click to see if they have your size available but it still takes forever to get the box and then they just dump off to you and never return if you need another size. Oh, and they never lift their heads up to greet you. They are just staring at the screen the entire time. Sadly I think that is the way most associates will be with a device in hand.We need friendliness and more care and attention than ever to get us wanting to come into a store. We don't want to deal with some cold distracted employee looking at some device to tell us what they think we like. Show us your stock by walking us around a bit, interact with us, NOT your screen. If we wanted to shop online on our mobile we would have stayed home! Learn your inventory if it's your job.I like the Apple store associates having the device for easy pay -- so quick you don't even have to wait for a receipt because they have your email to send right over. I don't even have to get a bag. I love that, in and out!
  • Posted on: 05/01/2017

    Should Amazon’s third-party sellers worry about Amazon?

    I personally think the sellers are getting way too greedy and out of hand with their pricing and are going to price themselves right out of the market. Just this week my mom made two purchases from Target online and Walmart because not one Amazon seller had a normal price, they are price-jacking us to death and will lose.There are too many other options to go to and all are delivering in two days and some with free shipping. Also just like most markets like Shop Rite and Wegmans, Amazon created their own brand "Wickedly Prime" and are going to promote that before everyone else! So you third parties should watch your backs.
  • Posted on: 04/26/2017

    Will artificial intelligence replace CEOs?

    No disrespect Mr. Ma, but how many huge CEOs do you know? Because the ones I know are exactly like computers. So this line, "unlike human CEOs, they will not be swayed by petty emotions" is totally off base. Top CEOs are able to compartmentalize. They keep emotions separate from logic. I know this because my dad is one of those guys. He can take a million things on and not crumble, that is why he is able to run many companies. But you must have some human emotional nature even if it is the tiniest bit.No robot is ever going to feel that it's not right to lay off his faithful 77-year-old employee after working for him for 26 years because he knows that this is all he has to live for. No robot is going to have "Bring Your Child To Work Day." No robot is going to buy the Girl Scout Cookies from their employees' kids!We will always need the human factor. :)
  • Posted on: 04/21/2017

    Are Millennials and Gen Z more about convenience or price when they shop?

    Generation Zers do not want another app on their phone, especially a shopping app. We are fine using the mobile version. No reason for every single retailer to make an app, but they must have a mobile version of their site that is easy, and fast to navigate and check out. And yes, Generation Z is very price conscious, we are savers and know how to find the best prices. FYI, I never purchased clothing at Amazon before, only Finish Line, Macy's, Foot Locker and Nike, but I'm done with Nike because they never ever send us a promo code and and their prices are getting out of hand. CSG (Champs/Foot Locker) is my new go to. Good looking clothes and 1/4 the price of Nike and Under Armour. Worth looking into their stock....
  • Posted on: 04/20/2017

    Has CVS crafted a promising new drugstore shopping journey?

    I forgot CVS was a pharmacy because we don't get our medicine there but we get everything else there. I don't love going in stores, I usually wait in the car, but I always go in CVS. Our CVS looks very high-end since they fixed it up but not too high end. Their displays are lit up and look inviting and I like the short mini-isles. Things are easy to find now. Last night I bought water balloons for a project I am doing. They carry pretty much everything you want. They are our corner store. Oh, I agree with Ms. Vekich Waldron -- what is with the 50-yard-long receipt? Not very environmentally friendly. It goes right in the trash. I don't do coupons unless I can just put in my cell number.
  • Posted on: 04/19/2017

    Can McD’s succeed with commercials that don’t mention its name?

    No disrespect guys, but you are way off on what our generation likes. I stopped at the 11 second mark as soon as she said "I'll wait." No Generation Z person on the planet is going to watch this and that is from 23-year-olds down. Did they not get the message about us having zero attention spans and wanting to receive the message quick and to the point? We will never waste our time searching to find out what the commercial is about. Just slapping that commercial on YouTube is not going to make me watch it. It's terrible and makes no sense and who is that girl anyway?It is not easy to grab our attention. You are going to have to work at this, you are going to have to create different content for each generation or at least for Generation Z. Time is our most precious thing. If you want any of it you are going to have to show us something shareable. tell us what your new product is and what you are giving away and how you are helping others and do it really fast!Gotta go. ;)
  • Posted on: 04/17/2017

    Are outlet malls an outlier?

    The outlet malls where I live are not cheaper. Plus we have either very cold or very hot weather so it is not enjoyable to have an all-day shopping experience, not that I would ever want to shop all day anyway and my mom doesn't want to be too hot or too cold. To answer Ms. Kent, I can't speak for Millenials but young Generation Zers do not like to go shopping. We only go to a store quickly to try something on for size and then we go home and have endless online purchase options to choose from; style, colors and free shipping and promo codes. We know how to find it all and then persuade our parents to buy it for us even when it isn't our birthdays. Generation Zers are persuasive text message professionals.
  • Posted on: 04/14/2017

    Are retailers missing the social marketing boat if they’re not on YouTube?

    First of all, my parents and I believe most adults don't really watch YouTube. If retailers and brands use YouTube as a vehicle for my generation to watch they should be using all the top YouTube influencers as their endorsers. However the YouTubers will want to do the commercials/ads in their style or at least have lots of input as to what their subscribers will want to see. The other problem with that is the YouTubers are not politically correct or a best influence for most brands and retailers and as you see lots of them are starting to get in trouble and getting called out for their edgy content. But the same thing is happening with the not-so-great public behavior from athletes and stars that have been dropped by big brand endorsements.The problem is, who is left to be our role models to represent businesses and brands? Now that life is public there is nowhere to hide from any bad behavior. Who can you trust to represent your brand that will stay good and entertain people at the same time? Off school today.
  • Posted on: 04/05/2017

    BrainTrust throwdown: Is it inevitable that tech companies will dominate retail?

    Yes, and I believe they already are ruling retail. But they must watch out because even Amazon is trying to hit us over the head with their crazy prices. So this gives Walmart and whomever a chance to show they have many lower prices. Remember, older generations just shop at Amazon, younger Generation Zers are not loyal to Amazon or any other retailer and will shop around to get the best prices. I do not shop at Amazon, way to pricey.If traditional retailers aren't taking up internet real estate by now they are way late to the game and can almost never catch up to online stores that have been up and running for a decade.
  • Posted on: 04/04/2017

    Why haven’t customer surveys gone mobile?

    They are not making use of them because they are probably older-minded and behind the times. I only know that when I buy something in a store and the cashier circles something in highlighter at the bottom of my receipt and says now go home and take this online survey I'm like, are you kidding me? That's never happening! I don't see any good current methods out there. The credit card swiper could be an option and have three max questions on it while you are paying, so you have no choice but to give the feedback right then.You could send us an instant trigger text for feedback -- if you retailers do that then you must send it the second we pay (before we leave the store) and it must come with a built-in coupon to make us want to answer the three question survey. That would be a two-fold win for you because now we will come back to the store and use our coupon. But Do NOT abuse our private phone numbers and stalk-text us like you stalk-emailed all the generations before us! We don't want to hear from you or be your friend. We will hit STOP!
  • Posted on: 03/29/2017

    How can retailers foster staff enthusiasm for better customer experiences?

    Hiring the right sales people! The ones who are socially and emotionally gifted, they know how to sell and how to welcome your people. They are the only ones you want greeting and taking care of your customers. You don't need to make it a party. If you would just have someone hiring the right people. But it looks like the hiring was done wrong from the top because if the management isn't right, then the wrong management hires the wrong people for the sales floor.Retailers need to have the kindest, most welcoming, informed people on that floor to greet their customers and treat them like royalty. And then retailers should be treating their staff with lunch and a good % off discount on store items, just like you would treat a good friend.I'm the ambassador for my school every Tuesday of the month. My school picked me because they know I'm socially and emotionally gifted, I can read people. I greet every new parent, kid and family. I go to a school for kids who learn differently. Parents don't know what to expect and kinda feel badly about having to send their kids there. I'm there to sell my school to them, to teach them everything I know about my school and why it's the best stress free learning environment and kid friendly place to send their struggling learners to school. I close every deal!And I love knowing I helped to make a difference in that kid's life.Bottom line: hire the right people from top to bottom. ;)
  • Posted on: 03/27/2017

    Lowe’s innovates because it has to

    No! No need for any innovation at these stores. No one wants to spend time in them. The only thing Lowe's, like Home Depot, needs is to actually have people working in the stores who are available and knowledgeable. You walk into these gigantic stores and have no idea where anything is. Then when you have a question, the workers say it's not their department. My mom goes to Ace Hardware because they are smaller and have fantastic service, they help her from the front door and get her exactly what she needs in 20 seconds while I sit in the car. I don't dread her going there. Plus when you go to Lowe's you have to go back 14 times because they never ever have everything you need. They should tell you at checkout, Oh BTW you need light bulbs for that light! But they don't!Suggestion: If I was consulting for Lowe's and Home Depot or any store like them I would have them make thousands of really good informative YouTube video tutorials on almost every item they carry and how to do everything possible from laying tile to getting the metal thing out of your lamp after you unscrew a lightbulb and it gets stuck in there. Every generation will be happy to watch those videos and purchase the products from them. If they actually have all the products to do the projects at home when they get there.Spring Break this week. :)