Sky Rota CEO
I am a 12 yr old blogger/vlogger, Generation Z consultant.
My name is Sky, I’m 12yrs old & in 7th grade. I’m severely dyslexic & have ADHD. I attend a school for kids who learn differently, I don’t use the term (Learning disabled) because I’m Not disabled! Just because I can’t learn in a conventional manner doesn’t make me disabled. Most of all, I don’t allow my differences to define me. I know first hand how my Generation thinks, moves, plays, spends & creates. We aren’t like any Generation before us, and Yes, We start at a young age. I consider myself a young ambitious entrepreneur who specializes in consulting with educators, parents, therapists, businesses & brands regarding everything Gen Z. I am an authority on Dyslexia, ADHD, Learning disabilities & know first hand what its like to be bullied for being different. I consult on everything generation Z related.
Author of: “The Gen Z Answer Key for Business” by Sky Rota
The go-to guide for marketing to Generation Z .
I’m on an endless mission to give Generation Z an outlet to show the world their Strengths.
Author of: "Look Mom, I’m the Dumest One in My Clas"
The true story of nine-year-old Sky Rota, who during the fourth grade discovers he is severely dyslexic. Hopeful that his school would be understanding and help him embrace and develop his unique methods of learning, his parents soon realized that they would have to fight for him. Instead of encouraging Sky, his teachers punish him for his “weaknesses.” His school saw his dyslexia as a disability as well, labeling him as different and an outsider. Sky and his parents quickly learn dyslexia comes with as many gifts as it does challenges
  • Posted on: 11/22/2017

    Does it matter if social media is getting a bad rep?

    I don’t really know what bullish or bearish is but I don’t have trust issues with social media. My mom told me you aren’t supposed to believe everything you hear or read.I can speak for Generation Z and say especially for the younger part of us we are never creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account. I only have them for business and they only receive a feed, no attention. Gen Zers use YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat for all our social media needs and we will continue. We don’t want to post across 10 platforms. Advertising is going to be about keeping it fun, entertaining and most of all real. The companies that do that will get our attention.Happy holidays!
  • Posted on: 11/21/2017

    The RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge: Big Lots vs. Kohl’s

    I love the real feeling of Big Lots! Winner!Have a happy and healthy holiday everyone.No school.
  • Posted on: 11/15/2017

    The RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge: Macy’s vs. Nordstrom

    I cried my tears out after watching Macy’s commercial. I don’t feel like shopping. I didnt feel anything for Nordstrom until I saw their customer service and warehouse people singing and dancing in what looked like their real work place. The other singers didn’t mean anything to me. My generation likes seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff with real people. I still don’t feel like shopping, neither of the commercials made me want to shop at their stores. I really wouldn’t know what they were advertising unless you told me.
  • Posted on: 11/08/2017

    Will mobile make another big leap this holiday?

    No doubt mobile shopping gives you freedom to shop from anywhere just like I know my mom is shopping from her cell at my baseball games. Plus the fact that mobile screens are big makes it easier for older people (no offense) to navigate on a mobile version to shop.To retailers; no need to develop an app for every store, just have a good mobile version of your site that is quick, user friendly and please have your developers make sure they bring the customer back to where they were on the site after they clicked something to look at it. That is a top way to lose a sale when you are getting jumped back to page 1 when you just made a purchase or clicked on something to view from page 3.You don’t want to frustrate people. Leave their items in the carts, people are busy, they may not be finished shopping or they may need to wait to get paid or are having wishful thinking. Don’t be too quick to dump carts thinking the cart was abandoned.Offer a coupon at the checkout, not after we shopped. I never understood sending the coupon after we are finished all our shopping. I know you are hoping we come back and make another purchase but sometimes it just seems so mean. If you give people something it makes them feel special or even makes them pretend you are giving them something. Then they wouldn’t be searching on Coupon Cabin or Retail Me Not for coupons. Give them a promo code to make them feel like they have something to enter in that space. Oh and don’t lie about your delivery dates! Good luck shopping, it’s going to be a mobile shopping Christmas!
  • Posted on: 10/18/2017

    Should the holiday selling season be retired?

    We all love the holidays -- I think I can speak for every generation. However things have changed and it’s Not just that the “wealthier ones," are “used to buying the products they want when they want them.” Lots of things today are a necessity, not a luxury.Generation Zers are not the “put it on your Christmas/birthday list” generation. That’s a quote from my mom. Which we think is pretty absurd. Not because we are spoiled, it is out of necessity. If my sister's laptop is pronounced dead on October 18th, she can’t wait to receive a new one for Christmas. She is in college and needs another one ASAP. Things that were ones considered gifts are now necessities. We are certainly not waiting until our birthdays to get another cell if ours breaks on a random day of the week. Our generation is also not waiting in any Black Friday lines. We will make purchases on what my parents now call “Black Monday.” They get all the best deals without walking out the door and dealing with empty shelves and crowds.I personally see holidays as a time off from school and for spending time with family. All family members exchange gift cards, no one buys gifts anymore. There is nothing we are usually dying to open up on Christmas morning. We even download our video games today so we really have very little waiting to be opened under the Christmas tree.
  • Posted on: 10/12/2017

    Amazon gives teens their own Prime logins

    Trust me we all know how to get the purchases made. We don’t need to jump through all those hoops. I have been making purchases since the first Amazon Kindle came out when you could just hit Buy. My mom had to have the credit card theft talk with me at seven years old to explain that her debit card was linked to the account when I was just hitting Buy. We have no problem sending our parents the link to whatever we want or asking them in person.This move is not as empowering as you think. I use my Xbox cards I received for my birthday, etc. to make purchases for years now. And BTW, we don’t call it “rationale” to convince our parents to make a purchase. Generation Z has perfected the art of composing the perfect “persuasive text” to our parents. No need to have them helicopter over us. I thought we were moving past this having our parents receive stuff behind our back. I guess not. We are all about communication and we probably showed our parents a video of what we wanted already! Remember we are a generation of sharers. It’s going to take some time to get to know how we operate.
  • Posted on: 10/11/2017

    How can retail stores open doors to higher quality applicants?

    You have to make sure your managers are capable of finding the right talent. Most times the management are the ones bringing everyone down because they aren’t happy but just stick around to collect a paycheck and they could care less about your company and who they hire. They don’t have your stores' best interest at hand.Hire the ADHD people, they are the ones with the most energy and are the most happy and usually love to talk to people. Ask them what their needs are and be interested in their feedback. You can learn a lot. Maybe they just need bus money added on to their pay in order for them to get to work easier. Ask the applicants, they will give you most of the answers.
  • Posted on: 10/02/2017

    IKEA buys TaskRabbit to give consumers relief with furniture assembly

    IKEA always needed their own installers. Who says these TaskRabbits can put the IKEA stuff together? Our handyman threatened my mom not to buy another thing for him to build from IKEA as they are like a 1,000 piece puzzle. He uses like 50 curse words every time he has to build something. He said, you need to go to IKEA College to learn how to put this stuff together. So hopefully the TaskRabbits are going to IKEA University before they get to your house.Good luck, I wouldn’t have bought TaskRabbit if I were IKEA. We can just hire a handyman off of craigslist, etc, that specializes in putting IKEA stuff together. Just sayin'.
  • Posted on: 09/22/2017

    Why are marketers increasing their online influencer budgets?

    I don’t think there is any best way to compensate an influencer. The influencer will usually let you know. If you are a lower-level influencer just like any celebrity you will accept a different pay than a top-tier celebrity. Keep in mind influencers are our celebrities today. Influencers are only going to represent a brand that works for them and their fan base. They know that they have word of mouth gold. If they have 500,000 followers/subscribers, in some cases lots of those fans are from completely different demographics. So when they advocate for your product, etc. their fan base trusts them because they have a relationship already established with them.Example: Their fans know if Sky is wearing those sneakers or new watch or staying at a certain hotel, it must be high-end. They will expect to see me representing a high-end product as it will feel natural to them when I show up wearing it or using it in my videos. Companies must figure out what they are looking for from the influencer. Is it to raise brand awareness, get social media followers or reach a new audience? The influencer will know how to advocate for your business and product because they know their fan base and how to reach them in the manner that works for them and your business. They will not turn off their fans in the process by looking too commercial or like an ad. This all must feel very natural to the influencer and then it will come off as a regular part of their influencing their fan base.
  • Posted on: 09/15/2017

    Do retailers need teen consultants to really understand Gen Z?

    Wow I thought we were friends? Lol ... Just got outta school and saw this. It's ok, good for him, always happy to see a fellow Gen Zer successful.Of corse I would say that it is great to get ideas from our perspective. I am also a huge football fan so they coulda called me. Lol!I think retailers lump us together with Millennials sometimes because they are just getting accustomed to trying to somewhat understand them and now we come along and they are assuming we are all the same generation, when we are clearly different in tons of ways, and they need to start learning our lifestyle now. I think it was a terrific move hiring Jonah Stillman, it shows they are trying to embrace change early.Way to go Vikings!
  • Posted on: 08/31/2017

    Are fashion trends moving too fast for retail?

    Yes absolutely. Bottom line, brick-and-mortar stores are in competition with their own websites. The stores can't possibly carry as many things in stock as their online version nor keep up with the ever-changing stock. So most times we don't bother going to the stores at all knowing they probably won't have what we want and we just make the guaranteed purchase from their online store.
  • Posted on: 08/30/2017

    Will Instagram become retail’s ticket to mobile shopping?

    Like most things it takes a bit of time for people to become comfortable. I believe that any retailers posting items on Instagram they want to sell that are "in-stock" should absolutely use this option. In a perfect Gen Z world, we would love to be able to click and buy anything straight from a picture. You caught our attention, now close the deal -- and make it fast!
  • Posted on: 08/28/2017

    Does Best Buy now have its own summer Black Friday?

    First of all I didn't even know Best Buy had a big sale and I'm a good customer. I don't think generation Zers are going to be waiting in those long Black Friday lines EVER! No need for retailers to make their own Black Friday. We buy things as we need them. My generation doesn't wait for birthdays and Christmas to get what we need or want. If our phone breaks or you drop it in the toilet like I just did, you don't wait until Christmas to get a new case (oh, and Best Buy didn't have the one I wanted so my sister wasted the trip of taking me to the store. I had to come home and order my new case online).I think people like going to Best Buy stores because they sell televisions and things you need to physically check out to see if you like them. They are safe for a while. I don't think my dad is shorting their stock.
  • Posted on: 08/17/2017

    Is Walmart on an unstoppable run?

    No I'm not surprised at all. Just looking at Walmart's clean, colorful site makes it an inviting place to shop. If I'm looking to buy Fruit Loops cereal only one choice comes up for $3.98 with two-day shipping on orders over $35. I'm fine with that. I don't need to be a member and there aren't 20 choices and five pages from random stores popping up with insane prices trying to rob me like on Amazon. Why does Amazon let their stores charge crazy prices for items? It's insane. And honestly it's way to many choices with Amazon Fresh, Prime, Prime Pantry -- I can't keep up. I have three older siblings in college and this year my mom didn't buy one thing to send them from Amazon. She did all her online shopping for them from Walmart, delivered to their dorms and from Instacart with fresh groceries delivered in one hour to my brother's apartment in D.C.! The competition is getting fierce.
  • Posted on: 08/01/2017

    Will Gen Z demand a new level of collaboration?

    We are sharers. Lots of us want to share or give back our findings with brands and businesses. But sadly our input isn't taken seriously most of the time. I tried to buy a ticket for a luxury Generation Z conference in New York and they didn't let me because they said I was too young. If you are talking about my demographic and I actually consult with companies regarding my generation how can you not let me come to an event? Sadly most businesses are judging us by our age and not how we can actually help you see us through our eyes.I tried to get a ticket to IRCE in Chicago for internet convention and I was turned down because of my age. I receive emails back from top companies saying sorry but you are too young to give input, but you win the award for youngest person to ever pitch us. Why does it matter who you get the answers from? As long as you get the answers. All we want to do is help make the world a better place and no one gets us like we do. But you have to give us a shot. It can't hurt.Thankfully all my clients from Florida to Sidney, Australia don't see my age, they see my work and what my fresh eyes bring to the table. Gotta go, reviewing a new client's app. Very exciting. :)
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