Robert DiPietro

SVP Energy Services and New Ventures, HomeServe

Rob has held various leadership roles at a Fortune 500 retailer where he was tasked with a wide array of responsibilities, including visual merchandising, category management and developing new lines of business. He specializes in formulating and executing strategic revenue and profit plans for high growth areas in both a corporate and retail field environment.

He is currently responsible for Energy Services and New Ventures at Homeserve.

At HomeServe USA, our mission is simple: To free our customers from the worry and inconvenience of home emergency repairs. And since 2003 we’ve been doing just that. We provide homeowners across the country with affordable home emergency repair plans that offer protection from the high cost of repair bills and provide help for home emergency repairs, all with just one phone call.

  • Posted on: 09/12/2016

    Amazon to roll out pop-ups nationwide

    Pop-ups are a very smart way for Amazon to raise awareness and trial operational aspects of a physical store. It's likely that customers that can shop multiple channels and spend more money at Amazon. It is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the ecosystem. You can't beat the in-person show-and-tell aspect of demonstrating new technology. The only thing interesting is that the retail book team is different than the device pop-up team.
  • Posted on: 08/17/2016

    Does Millennials’ credit card wariness spell trouble for retail?

    Millennials clearly have a different perspective on consumption. They are less prone to purchases and looking for experiences. They spend money on different things, but that won't keep them from purchasing things they need. They will do it on their terms vs. a store credit card. A generation of consumers that doesn't want to take on excessive debt will likely help the economy in the long run.
  • Posted on: 08/16/2016

    Where would J.C. Penney be without Sears?

    When there isn't a Sears in the mall it makes it easy for J.C. Penney to pick up that customer. These sales need to go somewhere and for the customer in the mall J.C. Penney is an easy choice. J.C. Penney is still recovering from the plethora of ideas instituted from Ron Johnson's error and the customer is likely still confused as to what they stand for.Sears is clearly on the death spiral and J.C. Penney may take the final oxygen in the tank.
  • Posted on: 08/16/2016

    Is Target getting its grocery act together?

    Target hasn't been in the grocery business long enough to be a destination for shoppers. Clearly it is an add-on to existing trip to buy other items. I think they have a long way to go and inventory turn in perishables will continue to be an issue. And as a shopper, the red meats look a little too red in the packaging!They might start with cooler case up front and some signage that points to the full assortment hidden away in the store.
  • Posted on: 08/15/2016

    Does Nordstrom’s growth depend on Nordstrom Rack?

    Shareholders shouldn't be concerned that growth is coming from Rack business. If it is truly also getting an edge from e-commerce, even better. Hopefully the Rack strategy keeps the Nordstrom brand from a discounting spiral because they have a separate group of stores for that. Have Nordstrom stick to the high service standards and bi-annual men's sale and let Rack play to a different segment.
  • Posted on: 07/20/2016

    Will consumers buy subscriptions for Tide from P&G?

    Many interesting dynamics going on with this -- the first is channel conflict. Is the CPG company going to undercut its retail distribution partners on price or will they hold the line? I do believe the subscription economy is a growing one and will lead to higher profit margins for CPG. The Dollar Shave Club wasn't built on quality but on price (in my user experience) but just sold for $1 billion. They had about 2 million customers so that is a steep price to to pay per customer, isn't it?
  • Posted on: 07/19/2016

    Are wearables just for the kids?

    Wearable use will be driven by function. Fashion changes quickly but function is everlasting. Age isn't a factor in function for wearables but education is a factor. No difference than using portable GPS a while back or setting up a personal email. As the useful function can be explained and demonstrated age adoption will follow.
  • Posted on: 07/19/2016

    Do wine and beer make for a better shopping experience?

    Sipping while you shop is definitely a way to make the experience more relaxing! The biggest point of this is to differentiate on something other than price. It becomes an EXPERIENCE for the consumer vs. a chore. If customers are having fun you can only believe it will lead to more sales.
  • Posted on: 07/18/2016

    What’s holding back scan & checkout?

    I've been using Scan Bag Go at Stop and Shop without a hitch for years. It is a little clunky once you get to checkout and the syncing of your purchases to POS seems slow but I've never had it freeze up. I think using your app on a phone is a no-brainer for consumers but I'm not sure for grocers. I think shrink would be an issue. In self-checkout you have a controlled environment with the scanning. With app-based pay and go I'm not sure what is preventing fraud.
  • Posted on: 07/18/2016

    Pokémon Go showcases potential of augmented reality in retail

    This is clearly a popular application, but can retailers make money off it? Yes! they can use AR to show consumers how they look in certain clothes or makeup combinations. Retailers could also use it for a certain generation of loyalty program customers and let them unlock certain rewards.Gamification is here -- there are many applications for the retailer from training to customer engagements. We already see retailers training on YouTube, why not bring in gamification?
  • Posted on: 06/22/2016

    Marks and Spencer pulls the plug on store music

    I think the store associates will be happier than the customers. Maybe they should pipe in background noise to at least give customers the sense that the store is alive with shoppers. If people listen to music to perk themselves up maybe it was the playlist that was the issue, not the volume.
  • Posted on: 06/22/2016

    Will luxury shoppers buy electric cars at Nordstrom?

    I think this is a good match. Tesla stores are already in some malls, and why not be where the affluent and probably eco-conscience consumer is? I imagine they will be staffed with typical Tesla sales people and will probably have the test-drive cars in the parking lot ready to go. I predict this will be a winner!
  • Posted on: 05/24/2016

    Is the paper receipt dying?

    I can hear the tree NOT falling. The longness factor of the receipt is not a way to demonstrate value. Printed receipts will go away in the future and that will be described as a win-win. Faster checkout and less waste for the consumer, and customer email acquisition and cost reduction for the retailer.
  • Posted on: 05/23/2016

    Finding the right balance between automation and people

    I was able to witness self checkout in the grocery industry early in my career circa 1995 -- when it was a one to six ratio and was all about improving efficacy and reducing cost at checkout. It didn't work great back then for that as the equipment cost was high, customer efficiency was worse and one worker couldn't watch six self checkouts.I do think it can help in the case of fast food! I've heard that Domnino's drove online ordering and app ordering to improve order accuracy not to cut costs. And it also seems that it will drive average order size when you have a chance to customize your food order while looking at the options versus thinking of what you want to eat.
  • Posted on: 05/23/2016

    Are the new overtime rules a ‘career killer’ for retail workers?

    I don't think this will help the average worker but rather limit overtime and shift extra hours to part time workers. Labor is the number one controllable factor in retail and every retailer will decide how this new rule will impact them and adjust themselves accordingly. With some retailers having a tough go of it as of lately, this will only be another hurdle.

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