Mike Templeton

Retail Marketing Technologist
Mike Templeton is a retail marketing technologist with a decade of experience in digital marketing. He's worked with companies large and small – from big box retailers to local businesses – to turn online attention into in-store results.
  • Posted on: 02/17/2017

    Do consumers want to follow grocers on social media?

    The opportunity for grocers in social media is large -- it's where their customers spend the majority of their digital time -- but the fact so few consumers follow grocery retailers is probably more representative of the current state of grocers' efforts on these platforms, not that there's a lack of interest.If grocery retailers want to capitalize on the time and attention consumers give these channels, they have to consider what would be valuable to their audience. Although retailers may want to be there to "connect," consumers are saying they'd most prefer to be alerted to discounts. Start with what your customers want, and then segment out other activities that could be beneficial to different customer groups.
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