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President, Humetrics

Certified Speaking Professional Mel Kleiman is North America’s leading authority on how best to recruit, select, and retain top-quality, hourly employees and their managers.

A renowned consultant, speaker, author, business owner, and trainer for over 30 years, Mel is also the founder and president of Humetrics, a leading developer of systems, training processes, and tools for recruiting, selecting, and retaining an exceptional workforce.

A demonstrated leader in HR thought, Mel has authored numerous research studies and white papers. His articles have appeared in dozens of trade and professional journals. Mel’s books include the bestselling Hire Tough, Manage Easy; as well as 267 Hire Tough Interview Questions; 180 Ways to Build a Magnetic Culture; Recruit Smarter, Not Harder; and So, You Got the Job…..Now What?

Mel earned the prestigious National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional designation in 1996 and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

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  • Posted on: 10/26/2016

    Driverless truck delivers 50K cans of Bud on supply run

    Yea, the world moves a little closer to being a safer place to live. In reality we already have air planes that fly themselves. I don't think that trucks are far behind.Right now I would not worry about putting drivers out of work. The problem is there are not enough drivers to fill the need. Even if trucks can drive themselves we will still need someone to load and unload them.
  • Posted on: 10/25/2016

    Is time running out on smartwatches?

    I am way past the Millennial generation but I love my smartwatch, not because it does a lot of things well but because it doesn't -- and that is the problem. Yes it tells time. But not in the sunlight. Yes it measures exercise, but only some of them and only some of the effort. It fails at measuring sleep. In reality it is only so good.So why do I love it? Because it beeps.It can wake me up, it can tell me I have an appointment and it can tell me I have five minutes until my presentation is suppose to end.So the reason I Love my smartwatch is one specific thing it does well. That's not a great thing to build a market on.P.S.: I am hard of hearing and the vibration wakes me up in the morning when I travel, since I can't hear most alarm clocks.
  • Posted on: 10/17/2016

    Pharmacy charges ‘man tax’

    In this case it may have made some people happy and others unhappy, but it was great marketing. Here we are talking about what they did on a well-respected national forum.
  • Posted on: 10/17/2016

    Should in-store associates help online browsers?

    A customer is a customer, either online, in the store or on the phone. They are looking to spend money on something you have to sell. The key is to help and sell to the customer any way they want to be helped and served.
  • Posted on: 10/14/2016

    Will others follow Walmart’s lead on manager pay?

    Yes others are going to raise the wages of managers if it will keep them out of having to pay overtime.Item two has more impact. If Walmart continues to raise wages of the hourly workforce they are going to need to get more work out of the workers they have. They will have to follow the airline model and figure out how to get the customers to do a lot of work.Just look at one number: net profit per employee. In Walmart's case it is about $6,500 per full-time employee. If you raise each of those 40-hour workers $1 an hour that costs $2,000 a year, per employee. Figure out the math that cuts profit by one-third.
  • Posted on: 10/14/2016

    Target to test vertical farms in stores

    This is not a new idea. Fiesta Supermarket built a store in Houston more than 30 years ago with a vertical garden. It looked great, got a lot of attention and cost a lot of money. Five years after they opened that store the garden was gone. The novelty wore off and cost of up keep was to high.Lots of things have changed over the last 30 years. I will bet this is one thing that will go away again in five years.
  • Posted on: 09/22/2016

    What happens when managers unintentionally demotivate employees?

    The number one thing that managers do to demotivate their best employees is not on the list. Note I said their best employees. Our research has shown that managers who not handle problem employees and put up with sub-par performance from fellow employees is the most damaging factor affecting the STAR employees, the ones who truly make a difference.
  • Posted on: 09/22/2016

    Coming soon – a members-only store for the ultra rich

    Plain and simple, not even worth the time on comment on it. It reminded me of a movie title: Dumb and Dumber.
  • Posted on: 09/20/2016

    Zappos and Meijer among retailers touting their corporate values

    Both are great and it is not a matter of which is better, the point is that they both have corporate values and not only share them but live them.
  • Posted on: 09/06/2016

    Will new retail associate roles drive Apple’s sales even higher?

    This is not a great move on the part of Apple for a few of reasons:
    1. It creates a employee hierarchy in the store which will go along way to reduce the team spirit approach that has worked so well for Apple in the past.
    2. It further segments the store into specific groups rather then giving the customer the feeling that anyone in the store can solve their problem.
    3. It will turn on some employees, but will most likely turn more of them off.
  • Posted on: 09/02/2016

    Walmart cuts in-store back-office jobs

    This is a no brainer and a great move for Walmart, and something that every executive in every business needs to be thinking about. They should ask themselves the following questions about every job:
    1. Can we do this job differently?
    2. Can we do this job without having to hire someone to do it?
    3. Does the job need to be done at all?
    And if we've learned anything from the airlines, maybe ask how can we get the customers to do the job for themselves?
  • Posted on: 08/30/2016

    Is the Millennial car shopper Amazon’s next big audience?

    This could be a great service if it can get around all of the rules/laws and restrictions that car dealers have been able to get placed on the books to stop competition from creating a new model of selling cars. Just look at some of the challenges Telsa has faced in trying to sell cars directly to the public.
  • Posted on: 08/29/2016

    Target holds first storewide sale

    A sale is a sale whether it is one item or the entire store. If it brings in more traffic and sells more product it is good. If all it does is condition the buyer to wait for the next sale and not shop the store except for during sales it is BAD.
  • Posted on: 08/22/2016

    Is on-site childcare the key to cutting employee turnover?

    Most retailers fight even giving standard benefits to employees. So what makes you think they are going to add child care? I just finished talking to a group of retailers and I asked one questions and was surprised at the answer I got that sums up most retailers' attitude about employees. The question was, How many of you would spend even $100 per opening to do a better job of hiring? Only 4 percent of the hands went up. If they are not willing to spend $100 to hire a better person, what makes any one think they are going to spend money on childcare?I think most retailers need to change their thought processes. They are paying one hell of a premium for high turnover. Call it a turnover tax. If you want to keep great employees you have to give them a reason to stay because if you don't someone else will give them a reason to leave.
  • Posted on: 08/19/2016

    What can retailers do to find and hire amazing people?

    Before I wrote this response to the question above I wrote a response to one of the other comments where I talked about how smart employers don't hire for skill they hire for attitude.When it comes to just the recruiting piece there are some great ideas in the list above. To expand on it just a little because there are over 100 ideas on how to recruit great front-line employees:
    1. Always be looking for your next employee. Don't go shopping for employees when you are hungry.
    2. Every applicant at your interview is worth two or three more applicants. All you have to do is tell them you want to talk to people they work with, not people they work for.
    3. Adopt a high school in your area and support them and you can get some great employees.
    4. Call the great employee who have left you and see if you can get them to come back.
    Two additional tips:
    1. Make it very easy for applicants to apply but make the job hard to get.
    2. The best way to reduce your hiring needs is to keep your great employees longer. Treat they like gold because they are the ones that make you the gold.
    Read the book "Hire Tough Manage Easy."

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