Max Goldberg

President, Max Goldberg & Associates

Max is president of Max Goldberg & Associates (MGA), a consultancy that assists companies from the Fortune 500 to start-ups, formulate branding and business strategies, create marketing plans and build promotional alliances. Clients include: Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Walt Disney, Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, MBNA, Music Choice Europe, Mommy & Me, New Line Home Entertainment, Vivendi Universal Interactive, and other companies in North America, Europe and Japan.

Prior to forming MGA, Max was Vice President, Integrated Marketing for Walt Disney Internet Group, where he was responsible for branding DIG, database marketing, media, research, e-commerce enhancements, promotional alliances, loyalty programs, sponsorships affiliate programs and e-commerce strategies.

He moved to Disney Internet Group from Walt Disney Home Entertainment where spent six years as Vice President, Promotions. At WDHE he directed consumer and account specific retail tie-ins for new Walt Disney Company home entertainment releases, as well as the company’s extensive DVD/video library. Additionally, he originated WDHE’s presence on the Internet, creating both its consumer and business-to-business websites.

Prior to joining Disney, he served as Vice President, Corporate Sponsorship and Promotion for Universal Studios Hollywood and Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Ice Capades.

Max began his career in marketing as Regional Marketing Director for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and then served as Director of Marketing for The American Freedom Train and Western Manager for the Arbitron Ratings Company.

Max is a past Chairman of the Promotion Marketing Association. He founded PMA’s Star Power Entertainment Marketing Conference and served two terms as chairman of both its Southern California Chapter and Entertainment Council. He chaired PMA’s national marketing conference. He has been honored as Marketing Professional of the Year by The Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide. Max has served on numerous corporate advisory boards and the advisory council of George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs.

He is a wish grantor for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Los Angeles, a mentor to small businesses and a volunteer in other community service activities.

He and wife, Lisa, live in Los Angeles with their daughter, Hannah and son, Jacob.

  • Posted on: 07/27/2016

    Will meal kit delivery services move beyond niche status?

    Meal kit delivery services are in a bind: They offer convenience but are expensive, especially for families of more than two people. Cost alone will limit their adoption rate. If local retailers could find a way to bring the costs down, they might succeed in this space. Plus they have the added credibility of being a recognized local brand.
  • Posted on: 07/27/2016

    Sears Holdings says Kmart is being transformed, not closing doors

    Why do Kmart and Sears still exist? At least Sears has some iconic brands. Kmart became irrelevant years ago. This latest step just prolongs the inevitable.
  • Posted on: 07/27/2016

    Will Starbucks prosper or slide as CEO changes focus?

    No one lives forever and no CEO is irreplaceable. Starbucks has a strong executive bench which should be able to continue moving the company profitably forward. There will be concern about turning day-to-day responsibilities over to someone else, but sooner or later it has to be done.
  • Posted on: 07/25/2016

    White lies, sales fibs and the customer experience

    There should be no place for dishonesty in the selling process. Treat consumers and fellow workers with respect. Upon finding that an employee has been dishonest or deceitful, sit down and discuss the situation, explain how it hurts the employee and the retailer, and make it clear that such actions will not be tolerated in the future. Document the conversation, so if it does happen again, there is proof of the reason for termination.
  • Posted on: 07/25/2016

    Will discount student loans work as a Prime incentive?

    Bravo to Amazon. They've found another benefit for Prime membership and can cement customer relationships at an early age. For students, any break in the price of loans is welcome. If Wells Fargo does not screw up the lending process or have too heavy a hand throughout the life of the loan, this could be a win-win-win situation.
  • Posted on: 07/25/2016

    7-Eleven makes history with consumer drone delivery

    This was a big first step for drone delivery, and I expect to see more, especially in rural areas. That said, there are still a myriad of issues to be worked out before drone delivery becomes common, so don't look for drone delivery in urban areas any time soon.
  • Posted on: 07/21/2016

    Can Primark conquer America without selling online?

    Thousands of retailers in the U.S. do not have an e-commerce presence. Primark is looking to open a total of 10 stores. The sky won't fall if they wait to open these stores before looking at going online. These stores will give them a foothold in the U.S., allowing them to interact with U.S. customers. Once they have gained valuable customer knowledge, they can consider e-tailing.
  • Posted on: 07/20/2016

    How can retailers gain something useful from employee surveys?

    If employers are asking for employee opinions because they really care and are ready to implement worthwhile employee suggestions, it's a great opportunity. If employers ask for opinions and then do nothing with the information, it's fakery at its worst and could damage employee relationships.
  • Posted on: 07/20/2016

    Will consumers buy subscriptions for Tide from P&G?

    I don't think retailers are going to be happy about P&G's Tide Wash Club, but I don't think they have to worry about it. It's not going to succeed. Why would a consumer want to subscribe to a one-product club for an item she uses a few times a week, when she can get a Dash button from Amazon that comes with Prime delivery and is backed by great customer service?
  • Posted on: 07/20/2016

    Is retail’s 800-pound gorilla or a crafty coyote?

    Amazon is both an 800-pound gorilla and a crafty coyote. More and more, consumers are going online to shop, research and buy, and they frequently start their searches at Amazon. Amazon is quick to innovate. Many of their tactics have become standard practice in retailing, both online and brick-and-mortar. And Amazon has over 54 million households that pay for Prime membership. Is Amazon the biggest retailer? No. But retailers ignore Amazon at their own peril.
  • Posted on: 07/19/2016

    What does it take to compete in an off-price retail world?

    Many consumers are still feeling the pain of the Great Recession, as wages have not kept pace with the general market recovery. They want value when shopping for clothes and are finding it at off-price chains, where one sacrifices some of the selection for significantly reduced prices. In a way, the leading department stores have brought this phenomenon on themselves by opening these stores, as well as outlet shops. Until wages rise significantly, I don't see this pattern changing. Consumers will shop where they receive value, and traditional department stores will literally pay the price.
  • Posted on: 07/15/2016

    Will personal shoppers lift retail sales?

    Customers like to feel special and to save time. Personal shopping services do both, while driving loyalty and sales for participating retailers. It will be interesting to see how Millennials, who seem to shun direct interaction with salespeople, will take to personal shoppers.
  • Posted on: 07/15/2016

    Target’s super fans feed shopper discovery on Instagram

    Retailers can help these bloggers by sharing inside information, providing pictures and detailed descriptions of items and by asking their opinions about upcoming products and promotions. Any retailer can capitalize on its fan base. It only takes a little time and effort. Bloggers like to be recognized and made to feel special.
  • Posted on: 07/13/2016

    Are retailers ready for the next wave of cyber scams?

    Where there is financial data hackers will follow. Every new security system is a challenge to hackers. Retailers need to make cybersecurity a priority, from sales associates to the CEO. Unfortunately, this means higher expenditures at a time when retailers are trying to drive costs out of their systems. But it's a price that must be paid. A data breach will cost far more than the expense of effective, ongoing security measures.
  • Posted on: 07/12/2016

    Do robots make sense for online delivery?

    As retailers try to increase consumer benefits while squeezing costs out of their business models, it's inevitable that they will turn to drone and robot delivery. The key potential sticking points are safety and congestion. Look at the publicity that was generated when someone was killed in a Tesla on autopilot, and Teslas have logged more than a million miles. Driverless vehicles are here to stay and will eventually win mass acceptance.

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