Jeff Hall

President, Second To None

In the course of a 25-year career helping brands deliver consistent, authentic and intentional customer experiences, Jeff brings an innovative approach to customer experience measurement and analytics across diverse industries. His firm, Second To None, is particularly adept at helping leading brands realize their customer experience potential by fusing brand lens insights (operational measures) with the customer lens (feedback and perception) in order to drive business performance. Jeff brings a deeply informed approach to measuring and optimizing customer-centric retail and restaurant experiences.

At Second To None, he leads an experienced group of customer experience strategists and analysts in working on the design and execution of mystery shopping, voice of customer and operations/sales compliance solutions for such clients as Patagonia, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Bose, UnitedHealth Group, Target, Staples, Harris Teeter and Citibank. Jeff also leads the firm’s strategic initiatives, including client solutions offerings, product/technology development and consulting services.

Jeff has appeared on MSNBC’s Your Business and his comment have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Nation’s Restaurant News. The firm which he founded, Second To None, has appeared in BusinessWeek while being recognized three years running as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies. Jeff is also a speaker on customer experience issues and trends. He has served as president of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association and is a founding director of the International Mystery Shopping Alliance. He is also an avid runner, biker and golfer.

  • Posted on: 11/23/2016

    Has Best Buy solved the Amazon riddle?

    It's always a bit of a risk to say that anyone has solved the Amazon riddle, as it is such a moving target. I will say that Best Buy is one of a handful of retailers, including Target, that have noticeably improved their game in going head-to-head with Amazon.I recently purchased a 60" flat screen TV from Best Buy, first researching, selecting and purchasing through their website, then picking up in-store two hours later. The entire process was straightforward and incredibly convenient. The associates at the pickup counter were friendly, engaging and even loaded the box into my car. This, along with a couple of other in-store sales associate experiences over the past two months, gives a sense that the brand is much more focused on executing well across every customer touchpoint.
  • Posted on: 11/22/2016

    Patagonia to donate all Black Friday profits to green groups

    At its core, Patagonia is an authentic, do-good company. This Black Friday initiative is just one more great example of how the brand lives by its values and knows how to do the right thing. Others would be wise to take note of how it is possible to be decisively values-driven and still highly successful in the competitive retail sector. Consumers reward brands with a strong social and/or environmental mission and my bet is this will pay off tenfold for Patagonia in customer goodwill.
  • Posted on: 11/22/2016

    How important is convenience to motivating online holiday shoppers?

    It's not much of a surprise to see convenience rising in importance with online shoppers. Now that consumers have integrated online shopping as an increasingly regular part of their buying habits, lower prices, free shipping and broad selection have become a normalized set of expectations. And so we move downstream to the intangible, yet highly valued aspect of convenience. I suspect this to be the one factor to continue to rise the most in importance going forward, though online retailers shouldn't believe their customers will pay a premium for it.
  • Posted on: 11/14/2016

    American Express doubles down on ‘Shop Small’

    As a company embedded in the heart of Ann Arbor, we've seen firsthand just how successful the shop local/shop small movement can be, not just on Small Business Saturdays, but throughout the year. The sustainable small businesses are those whose owners create consistent visibility on social media, are actively involved in promoting the region and who collaborate together to create a genuine sense of community and destination, through an ongoing calendar of special events and community gatherings.These small businesses are also educating customers on the importance of shopping local and of the positive impact it has on the economic health and diversity of businesses in our community. We see Small Business Saturday as continuing to grow in momentum.
  • Posted on: 11/10/2016

    Gillette suffers nicks from Harry’s/Target’s partnership

    Harry's and Dollar Shave Club are prime examples of category disruptors. In making it incredibly convenient and less expensive to purchase these commodity grooming products online (and offering auto-replenish programs), they'll continue to grab greater share of wallet. Just from personal experience, Harry's has won me over as a loyal customer through their quality products and focus on ease and convenience. This tie-in with Target is a great way to increase brand visibility with consumers who are as yet unfamiliar with the brand.
  • Posted on: 11/10/2016

    Will Samsung’s recall issues ruin Best Buy’s Christmas?

    Best Buy's broad selection of the most sought-after products across brand names should serve to insulate it from Samsung's current woes. The store-within-a-store format is well-suited to offer Best Buy's customers convenient alternatives to Samsung, ideally meeting customer needs and delivering a positive customer experience.
  • Posted on: 11/04/2016

    Should browser data be opt-in only?

    Based on today's poll, the consensus feels the consumer internet experience could be much better through stricter opt-in requirements. In looking closely at the language around the FCC requirements, one key element will be defining just what "sensitive personal information" is exactly, in order for consumers to determine if they wish to opt in to the sharing of their information. I'd bet most won't.It only seems reasonable for service providers to, at minimum, reveal to users what data is collected and why. In the long run, those retailers looking to best leverage the power of personalization in their targeted marketing and communications will first offer opt-in control to their customers, and through this, respect and better understand shopper preferences.
  • Posted on: 11/02/2016

    Will curbside pickup drive front-end sales at CVS?

    Curbside is all about emphasizing the convenience factor. For customers with limited mobility, or even those with kids in tow and there's too much hassle getting everyone in and out of the store, curbside might be a slam dunk. I agree with others here that as soon as it becomes available across similar brands, CVS will need to continue showing its customers why they should keep coming back.
  • Posted on: 11/01/2016

    Will integrating plus-size clothing boost Meijer’s apparel sales?

    Kudos to Meijer for valuing its female apparel customers equally, regardless of the size of their clothing needs. This move will likely translate into a more satisfying in-store shopping experience — plus-size customers no longer having to shop in a special section of apparel, and knowing they're not paying more than a customer buying the same garment in a smaller size. This alone will generate considerable good will among Meijer's female customer base, which translates into brand advocacy in its many forms.
  • Posted on: 11/01/2016

    What might the AT&T/Time Warner merger mean for retail?

    Though AT&T/Time Warner are touting the fantastic synergies this will bring to consumers, it first and foremost will limit consumer choice in the marketplace and likely result in higher service and package fees. Given AT&T is driving this deal, you have to believe the play will foremost be about the upside potential around mobile ... streaming content and targeted/personalized advertising. The combined entity would clearly have such massive scale and depth of resources to go after advertising dollars currently captured by Google and Facebook.
  • Posted on: 07/25/2016

    White lies, sales fibs and the customer experience

    It is unfortunate that in some retail settings, where sales associates are partially commissioned or bonused for performance and find themselves in a high-pressure environment, white lies and similar transgressions become a part of the culture, ingrained in the sales process. Allowing this behavior is the sign of a brand in decline. Consumers are not only much more savvy in sensing they're being misled, but much more apt to share and amplify their experiences with friends, family and across social media. Little white lies chip away at brand equity and consumer trust in a manner more magnified than ever. Once trust is compromised, recovery is nearly impossible.
  • Posted on: 06/29/2016

    What does it take to deliver on the promise of customer centricity?

    The ability to deliver on the promise of customer-centricity is dependent upon:
    1. The customer experience being designed from both the brand lens and the customer lens. Too often, brands design customer centricy only from an inside-out perspective. Understanding customer preferences and priorities must also inform CX design. What is important to you might not be a customer priority, and vice versa.
    2. Enabling and empowering front-line associates to deliver on your brand promise, and the customer-centric expectations it creates, in such a manner that the experience comes across as intentional, consistent and authentic.
    3. Creating brand/organizational insights as to how well you are achieving customer-centricity — by measuring performance, rewarding the right associate behaviors and focusing on continual improvement around the key drivers having the most significant impact on satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.
  • Posted on: 06/28/2016

    Barnes & Noble to sell beer & wine in new concept stores

    Barnes & Noble restaurants with a focus on beer and wine would seem to reflect a focus on the evening shopper. Does this align with the highest volumes of their customer traffic? If so, the concepts may prove to be a great way of encouraging customers to stay longer and spend more, while making the stores more interesting and experiential.
  • Posted on: 06/27/2016

    The independent retailer lives on

    In our Ann Arbor market, we have a very strong ecosystem of independent retailers. More than utilizing technology, these brands excel at relationship-building, recognizing and appreciating their customers, supporting the local community, staying visible on social media and offering unique in-store experiences. These are the qualities consumers crave — a personalized shopping or dining experience and interacting with genuine, authentic business owners.
  • Posted on: 06/27/2016

    Amazon Dash gets a smart button rival

    The button concept — simple, convenient and quick — is appealing, though in reality likely to be embraced by a very small segment of the market. Who truly wants to have several buttons stuck to their walls, inside cabinets, etc. all around their house? As others have made note, voice-activated ordering will likely emerge as the dominant winner in this tech race.

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