Harley Feldman

Co-Founder and CMO, Seeonic, Inc.
Harley Feldman is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Seeonic. He has more than 30 years of experience in information technology including database management, Internet applications, predictive analytics, process re-engineering and global solutions. Mr. Feldman spent more than 20 years at Ceridian Corporation; the last ten years in the defense group, in positions of increasing responsibility (including as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Vice President of two major operations providing technology and services to the intelligence community). In addition, he previously served as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer of two healthcare software companies. Mr. Feldman holds a BS degree in chemistry and computer science from Illinois Institute of Technology and a MBA degree in finance from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management.

Mr. Feldman co-founded Seeonic, one of the first companies to build a complete IoT solution in the item level RFID space. Seeonic was granted a patent for its solution including RFID tag collection, hands-free operation, real-time alerting and analytics and built the largest commercial RFID network in the US. Mr. Feldman was the executive overseeing this development with attention to RFID readers, tags, serialization, the cellular connections required to deliver the data, and software for data collection, data cleansing, data storage, and analytics. Seeonic was also one of the founding members of the RFID Research Center at the University of Arkansas. Mr. Feldman attended annual University of Arkansas RFID conferences each year, where much of the early RFID directions and recommendations were made. Mr. Feldman also served on the GS1 Tag Serialization Committee until its successful completion. He is currently the Seeonic representative on the GS1 US Apparel and General Merchandise Industry Sponsors Group and spends his time growing the use of RFID in the retail, healthcare and industrial industries especially the management of vendor-managed and consigned inventory for brands.

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  • Posted on: 11/20/2017

    Who will be left standing after the next retail shakeout?

    Discount, Convenience and Third Wave are all viable strategies, but all three are not needed by each retailer and there are other strategies. Another strategy for retailers is having unique products to offer that will attract consumers as their only option. Consumers likely will buy from the retailer that provides the best service at the best price, but some consumers will buy based only on price while others will sacrifice price for service. Department stores' best strategy is to offer unique products, including private label, and provide great service either online or in-store.
  • Posted on: 11/17/2017

    Is private label grocery about to go to the next level?

    Private label sales will continue to expand, especially in food. Many times the private label product on the store shelves looks identical to the packaging for the branded product. It is very easy to see that it is likely the same product in a private label package. Also, consumers have tried private label brands to find that the quality is high, but the pricing lower.More consumers, especially Millennials, are more open to looking at the ingredients and price to make a purchase decision. Either the brand is unknown to them or it doesn't matter as long as the contents are healthy and priced lower. This is why there will be more private label brands in the future. I also agree that unique private label brands can distinguish a store from its competitors, a trend that will grow.
  • Posted on: 11/16/2017

    Amazon Go still plans to transform convenience in retail stores

    I think Amazon Go can be a success in a small-store format. Consumers will like the idea of picking up a few items and going out the door without checking out. Trying to scale the technology to larger format stores is not practical. Taking one year to figure out how to make all of the Amazon Go technologies work is not unusual and there are no causes for concern. Amazon has solved a very difficult problem.As far as Whole Foods, Amazon is more likely to create a small store-within-a-store Amazon Go format within a Whole Foods store rather than try to implement the Go technologies in the whole store.
  • Posted on: 11/14/2017

    Walmart’s online prices drive customers to its supercenters

    Walmart lowering prices for in-store pickup does distinguish itself from Amazon in a way that Amazon cannot match. Consumers will not be confused as they would expect lower prices for having provided part of the delivery service. This will encourage some consumers to shop at and pick up their item on the same day. Other retailers may follow suit, but it is more important for Walmart to do two-tier pricing as they position themselves as a low-cost leader.
  • Posted on: 11/13/2017

    Retailers need supply chain urgency – now

    I think most retailers understand the urgent need to elevate their supply chains, but they are in different states about fixing the problem. Many retailers are offering Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS), and they will do their best to fulfill the consumer's order even if it takes manual efforts. The "Last Mile" is the most difficult part of the supply chain journey. BOPIS is being offered because the bar has been raised as to consumer expectations, and by bringing consumers to the store, they can provide a service Amazon cannot, and there is an opportunity to entice the consumer with an additional sale. Once a retailer promises this level of service, the balance of the supply chain must support the BOPIS commitment.Fixing supply chain speed and commitment starts with knowing the in-store and in-supply chain inventory all along the supply chain including all in-store inventories. The technology that provides this level of accuracy is RFID. As more and more items are being RFID tagged, the retail supply chain will need to implement RFID reading technology to take advantage of the visibility that RFID provides. More RFID solutions will be developed around Internet of Things (IoT) technology to eliminate the human element in supply chain tracking.
  • Posted on: 11/06/2017

    Amazon undercuts rivals by adding discounts to marketplace seller prices

    The fact that the gap between Amazon and Walmart pricing is so narrow tells us why Amazon is lowering prices. Lowering prices may bring additional sales to Amazon third-party sellers, but a consumers purchase is not only about price. Delivery times, being in-stock with the looked-for SKU, customer service and in-store pickup are the attributes that a consumer will weigh before making a purchasing decision.The consumer might in the end buy directly from the sellers' website or may decide to buy from a retailer where the consumer can look at the product or have it delivered to a store nearby. Some other marketplace operators may chase Amazon, but lower margin is not a winning strategy. Offering better service and in-store pickup will be more valuable to the consumer.
  • Posted on: 11/03/2017

    Was Amazon scamming or searching for its HQ2 location?

    Business incentives and the labor force. The business incentives will provide longer term financial viability to the very large investment Amazon will be making in the buildings, people and the community. I agree with the author that quality of the labor force is key to getting the right talent to run the business properly. At a second headquarters, Amazon will need many kinds of skills, and the chosen community must be able to attract and maintain people with a wide range of skills.I think the sweepstakes is a good process to bring out the best in each city's creativity and offer to Amazon. For Amazon, this is a much better process than going to each city over along period of time.
  • Posted on: 10/31/2017

    Is inventory or staffing the biggest omnichannel challenge for stores?

    While BOPIS, BORIS and fulfill from store are all challenging fulfillment issues, BOPIS is the biggest challenge since the customer will be coming to the store to pick up their purchase at their covenience. The item must be there when the customer arrives, and delivering the item to the consumer needs to be quick and painless. This requires the retailer to know where the inventory is, moving it to the right store and being ready for the customer when she shows up -- all very challenging IT and personnel issues.Both staffing and inventory visibility are challenging. Staffing is a cost and training issue and inventory visibility is a process, a technical and a cost issue. These costs will be different for each retailer, but both must be addressed for successful fulfillment.
  • Posted on: 10/26/2017

    Will Amazon conquer digital advertising platforms next?

    Amazon has a huge lead in attracting consumers to their platform. It has been the nature of their platform and extensive investment since early in the company's existence. Their move to a mobile platform was early and is paying off with many consumers picking Amazon as their first website to scan for any purchase. Therefore, it is natural for any brand or retailer to want to advertise on Amazon as a priority. The short-term losers of this movement to advertising on Amazon are Google and brand-specific sites. Having said that, I do not see Google sitting still while this happens. I believe Google will expand its marketplace with Walmart, Target and other retailers and brands in the future. As the Google Marketplace grows, it will provide major competition to the Amazon Marketplace and will provide a viable alternative to advertising on Amazon.Amazon will over time provide consumer data to help advertisers measure performance vs. the cost of advertising. As the competition heats up in the advertising space, the pressure to provide this data will increase.
  • Posted on: 10/23/2017

    Apple opens invisible hangout in Chicago

    Apple's flagship stores create more of the pizazz that comes with the Apple brand and allows Apple to charge a higher price for its products. They are also desirable places to connect with Apple due to the store uniqueness, especially the new Chicago store.Apple has been an innovator in retail since the day they opened their first store. The open areas to display and test products and the Genius Bar provide a place for prospective customers to see, test and get help from store associates. This help plus education have provided consumers with the confidence, interest and help in deciding what to buy. This support in the stores results in higher sales since all of the consumers questions can be answered and demonstrations can show the value of Apple's products. In a local major shopping center, the Apple store is directly across from the Microsoft store. I am sure you can guess which store always has 5-10 times the traffic at any point on the day.
  • Posted on: 10/20/2017

    Walmart to open web mall with Lord & Taylor as an anchor

    Walmart will recruit other retailers to the growing Walmart Marketplace. It will be similar to the Amazon Marketplace but with the enhanced possibility of delivering other retailers products to a Walmart or their own stores. Since Amazon is really a logistics company, Walmart is moving in parallel to the same effect. This means that it does not matter what sells on their website, only that the product needs to be delivered to the consumer. Both retailers will benefit from this partnership -- more eyeballs on Lord & Taylor products, and Walmart having a broader product line on their website.
  • Posted on: 10/19/2017

    E-commerce chief expects Walmart to ‘crush it’ over next two years

    Scale is important to e-commerce as Walmart and Amazon are proving every day. Customers want to buy as many products as possible from the same source and want them delivered their preferred way. Only very large players can accomplish both objectives. Mr. Lore is on the right track mentioning voice as a key technology to make ordering easier. Add artificial intelligence to help the consumer get to the right product quickly by understanding what the consumer really wants, and the result is an assistant that gives the consumer the right result just by talking.
  • Posted on: 10/18/2017

    Online and Amazon to grow more dominant over the next decade

    Online sales will continue to grow as consumers get more comfortable with the process. With time at a premium in today's busy society, online sales will grow to help ease the time pressure.Groceries will be a lagging category in online sales. Many people, me included, like to see and feel produce before purchasing. The same is true for breads, milk and other perishable products. While non-perishables might be more readily purchased online the challenge of buying perishables online will slow the grow of online non-perishables as they are most times purchased in the same basket.
  • Posted on: 10/13/2017

    Amazon has plans to deliver packages to car trunks

    Porch privacy is not only a problem for the actual delivery of products, but it causes the consumer to be wary of future deliveries. My mail was stolen from a public mail box area a few weeks ago, and my neighbors and I are being more careful about what gets put in the outbound mailboxes and which products are delivered to the inbound mail boxes. There will be more secure deliveries done in the future as the technology to support it become cheaper and more ubiquitous.
  • Posted on: 10/10/2017

    Is Ace on-brand with The Grommet acquisition?

    The Grommet acquisition makes absolute sense for Ace Hardware. Ace will not only be the store for shopability and associate knowledge, but the place to see some of the latest technology for the DIY shopper. Some consumers are reluctant to try out new technology, but a knowledgable Ace Hardware store associate can assuage the reluctance with knowledge and suggestions.Now that Ace is a majority owner of The Grommet, it can use its position to help steer The Grommet in a direction of helping both companies -- expanding the market for The Grommet entrepreneurs and doing trials of e-tailing that might benefit Ace. I suspect many trials will be initiated before the right formula is found to the benefit of both. Ace will be able to pick and choose those ideas that work the best.

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