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Georganne Bender is consumer anthropologist, professional speaker, author and consultant, and one-half of the KIZER & BENDER Speaking team.

KIZER & BENDER are contributors to MSNBC’s television program Your Business. They made Meetings & Conventions Magazine's list of Meeting Planners Favorite Keynote Speakers, have been named two of Retailing's Most Influential People, are included in the Top 40 Omnichannel Retail Influencers, and the Top 50 Retail Influencers since 2014. Their award-winning Retail Adventures Blog is included in the Top 50 Retail Blogs, 24 Retail Blogs Every Small Business Entrepreneur Should Read, and the Best Retail Blogs of 2017, just to name a few. KIZER & BENDER recently served as official correspondents for the National Retail Federation’s conference, covering the future of digital and online retail trends.

Any speaker can talk about consumers, but KIZER & BENDER actually become them. In addition to yearly focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and intensive on-site studies, their research includes posing as every kind of customer you can imagine; and maybe even a few that you can't. The result of their research is literally straight from the customers’ mouth: solid ground level intelligence you can use to better serve your own customers. KIZER & BENDER are married, just not to each other. 2018 marks their 28th anniversary as a speaking team.
  • Posted on: 01/10/2018

    Should American Apparel bring its sexy image marketing back?

    I get what you are saying, Sky. It’s a conflicting message for a lot of us. I do love and support that their products are made in the USA. The ads, not so much.
  • Posted on: 01/10/2018

    Should American Apparel bring its sexy image marketing back?

    I agree. It’s hard to believe that this direction is coming from an all female executive team.
  • Posted on: 01/10/2018

    Should American Apparel bring its sexy image marketing back?

    “The goal of the new campaign is to appeal to female sexuality from a position outside of the male gaze ... ”Uh, huh.We’re all talking about how sex sells and if it works, keep doing it. And yet Sky, speaking for Gen Z, says something we hear a lot in our focus groups: “We do not want to see that! Just promote the clothes in a tasteful way.”I’m still a big believer in the retail adage, “Listen to your customers, they’re smarter than you.”
  • Posted on: 01/09/2018

    Kohl’s is on a roll coming off the holidays

    Great points, all. But let’s not forget the retailer’s not-so-secret weapon: Kohl’s Cash.Customers who made a purchase all holiday long are still being bounced back to redeem their Kohl’s Cash. It’s a smart move to engage and connect with customers.
  • Posted on: 01/03/2018

    Kroger may have an Ace (Hardware) up its sleeve

    You can buy groceries and hardware at Target, Walmart, Meijer and a host of other big box retailers, so why not Kroger?Ace positions itself as a convenience hardware store and you can’t get more convenient than picking up what you need while grocery shopping. The bonus for Kroger is the Ace brand and the Helpful Hardware Folks. In 2017, J.D. Power ranked Ace the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Home Improvement Retail Stores” for the eleventh year in a row. Another bonus is the locally-owned, independent retailer aspect that Ace will bring to the table. I’m anxious to see how this goes.
  • Posted on: 01/03/2018

    What will The Company Store do for Home Depot?

    Come see the softer side of ... Home Depot?Yes, Home Depot is selling more home decor items in-store, but they are housed in a warehouse environment, displayed on cold metal fixtures. There’s no visual to its visual merchandising.Product from The Company Store is high-end and expensive, and it’s more than just bedding. The retailer also offers gifts and apparel and things for pets – not what consumers expect to find at your typical Home Depot. This acquisition does, however, make sense online from a cross-merchandising aspect. And if Home Depot decides to bring these goods in-store I am sure it will rise to the occasion. It will have to because The Company Store customers will demand it.
  • Posted on: 01/02/2018

    Is Walmart aiming for a new customer with personalized text shopping?

    I like this idea and I like how Walmart is thinking. Code Eight takes personalization and convenience beyond what consumers expect and adds the human aspect (at least for now). Millennials may be its target customer, but this Baby Boomer is intrigued by the idea of text shopping and a human personal shopping assistant. This concept could work for independent retailers as well. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.
  • Posted on: 12/28/2017

    RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge: The Final

    So many feels. It’s Home Depot for the win!
  • Posted on: 12/19/2017

    Are holiday gifts in the workplace an untapped retail opportunity?

    What's the largest pain point? Time. I was at a car dealership last December when a woman came in carrying an armful of gift baskets. She was targeting the salespeople who hadn't had time to shop yet, and she sold them all. Rich and I have always recommended that retailers create a "Top 10 List of Holiday Gifts" by consumer category for what they sell. Gift giving can be hard to figure out -- who needs another Executive Dartboard? A selection of co-worker gift suggestions just makes sense.
  • Posted on: 12/19/2017

    Do pop-up efforts make sense for subscription box services?

    Rich and I still need to visit your store!
  • Posted on: 12/19/2017

    Are on-the-road shopping apps helpful or hazardous?

    Some people can't even walk without crashing into someone while using their phone, so I'm going to give this one a great, big NO.
  • Posted on: 12/18/2017

    Do pop-up efforts make sense for subscription box services?

    Featuring subscription services is a good idea for a pop-up because consumers get to sample the wares before signing up. Pop Box’s rotating lineup of retailers every quarter sounds an awful lot like Rachel Shechtman’s NYC store, Story.
  • Posted on: 12/11/2017

    Penney gets fashionable with its Jacques Penné pop-up

    Jacques Penné ... that’s’ good. Penney’s is in on the joke. I see this pop-up as a fun way to get younger shoppers interested in a brand that most see as the place where their mom shops.
  • Posted on: 12/08/2017

    Get ready – there are still three shopping holidays left before Christmas

    Other than Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I don’t think consumers really care about all the other names for big shopping days leading up to Christmas, but I bet they’ll take notice of Free Shipping Day. And those who wait until the very last minute to shop will be in stores on Super Saturday whether there are deals or not. When you wait too long a shopper’s gotta do what a shoppers gotta do. Retailers are the ones who have to be ready for the hordes of harried shoppers on December 23rd.
  • Posted on: 12/07/2017

    The RetailWire Christmas Commercial Challenge: H&M vs. Gap

    I thought the same thing about H&M learning from Target!
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