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CEO, The Customer Service Rainmaker, Rainmaker Solutions

“Practice, Drill, Rehearse, Then Do It Again!”

Meet Ed Rosenbaum, CBSE (Certified Building Services Executive) CEO and Master Trainer of Rainmaker Solutions …

Ed Rosenbaum, The Customer Service Rainmaker.

Ed Rosenbaum’s mantra is “You are my mission.” His passion is to deliver excellence in customer service as a mentor, a trainer, a team leader, a visionary, trusted advisor and a RAINMAKER for his clients; training executives, managers, supervisors and front line employees.

He is an expert at identifying management, customer service and sales issues and concerns within a company. His motivational techniques and personal training methods have been developed over a successful career spanning over 3 decades.

His dynamic and personal style of coaching is comfortable – as Ed likes to say, “You have to hit singles and doubles first then the homeruns will come with practice in smarter sales and income producing techniques.”

Ed is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Business Administration. He has done graduate work at Loyola College in Business Management and at East Carolina University in Human Resources Management. He has also taken extensive seminars in Integrity Selling, Customer Service, Managing and Achieving Goals and Selling Principles.

  • Posted on: 09/27/2016

    Can a revamped Office Depot compete with digital?

    It is obvious that both Office Depot and Staples have to do something to keep the doors open and the lights on. Selling paper, ink and office equipment is not going to do it. The equipment can be bought easier with a more knowledgeable staff at Best Buy. This might be a good idea. Time will tell. But the better thought about it is they are thinking and know they have to do something to stay relevant. The failed merger did not benefit either company.
  • Posted on: 09/26/2016

    Will Walmart’s ‘restorative justice’ reduce shoplifting?

    I am not viewing this as an example of Walmart being good citizens. I see there being two separate problems. First is the mother stealing food to feed her family. Second is more the young teens stealing to see if they can get away with it.What is being solved by arresting the mother? How then does Walmart expect her to pay the $400 to $500.00 ransom for the "Get Out of Jail Free" card? How did they come up with this number? How do they expect it to be paid and where does this money go? Does it go to funding a social program to rehabilitate? Or does it go to the bottom line? Your guess is as good as mine. But I am guessing the bottom line. Maybe Walmart should consider putting the shoplifter in an in-house training program and hire them to work off the amount, not $500. Just the amount of the items taken. Maybe, just maybe, Walmart might find they have hired some talented employees. $500 is a heavy price to pay for someone who can't afford a $10 package of hamburger meat.
  • Posted on: 09/23/2016

    Will on-demand beauty services connect with Macy’s customers?

    I am just not as positive about this as many of my fellow contributors. Buying beauty products in the store is a given. Having someone you do not really know come to your house is totally something else. In most occasions the bridal party is going to use a beautician they are familiar and comfortable with. Using a stranger to groom you on your wedding day is not something I view as a winning business model.
  • Posted on: 09/23/2016

    Are smartphones changing how Americans shop from home?

    It has happened and continues to happen more and more frequently. Using my house as an unofficial example: my wife has started to use her smartphone and iPad much more often, She, like others, said it speeds up her in-store process. She knows if what she wants is available and does not spend time looking. Of course this is not god for the retailers. They lose some of the impulse purchases.
  • Posted on: 09/22/2016

    What happens when managers unintentionally demotivate employees?

    Max made a strong suggested addition to the list. Letting the floor sales staff have the ability to make a decision and satisfy a customer's problem is one of the best and most stimulating ways to motivate a team. It is setting them up for future success within the organization. The future is predicated on the small things you as a manager do today.
  • Posted on: 09/15/2016

    Why did mall landlords step in to save Aeropostale?

    In many ways, this is a head scratcher. Why put this much capital at risk and have other at-risk retailers come knocking at your door asking for a life raft? Certainly there are a huge number of teens walking the malls. But do they spend even close to enough to offset the capital at risk? My guess is no.
  • Posted on: 09/14/2016

    Will the Galaxy Note 7 snafu send Samsung up in flames?

    Samsung acted responsibly by making the announcement of a potential problem. Now let's see how they act as they move to resolve it. This is what will separate them from their competitors who could be facing a similar occurrence.
  • Posted on: 09/13/2016

    Target holiday hiring points to changing HR priorities

    Dear Target HR staff,Okay ... hire what you think you are going to need. But I don't understand why more effort is not being shown on the sales floor where you are weak to begin with. I am beginning to think this announcement was made to impress us more than hire us.Signed, Confused and unsure.
  • Posted on: 09/12/2016

    Amazon to roll out pop-ups nationwide

    A smart plan with little to no added cost as compared with traditional retail openings. It should be successful because it has the Amazon brand attached to it. On a comparative note, we were in a large mall Saturday evening and went into the Apple store. It was our first visit. We were impressed by the size and number of staff in the store, but mostly by the large crowd. Success breeds success. Watch for others to follow.
  • Posted on: 09/08/2016

    Will dedicated teams lift Target’s grocery business?

    Groceries and Target have not become synonymous. Cathy said it right when she stated that they should get out of the grocery business. But they can't because they would be admitting Walmart beat them. I never enjoyed even walking through the grocery section. It is not inviting. Get in. Get out. Go to Tony's.
  • Posted on: 09/08/2016

    Will dedicated teams lift Target’s grocery business?

    Cathy, you have hit the red bulls eye on Target's back.
  • Posted on: 09/06/2016

    Why are retailers struggling to get social media right?

    Could the retail industry think social media is selling? If so, that is the problem. Maybe social media for retailers should rely more on being responsive to customer needs and comments. I am far from an expert in this; but being able to communicate with the customer seems more important than trying to sell them something.
  • Posted on: 09/06/2016

    Will new retail associate roles drive Apple’s sales even higher?

    Apple is Apple, the brand. Just as Amazon is Amazon, the brand. Do we really care what an associate's title is as long as they are the one who can assist us with a problem or a product? I don't think so. But Apple needs to understand those associates have to have a clear understanding of customer service. Taking off from Paula's comment; the Geniuses are great, but it is the product we want.
  • Posted on: 09/02/2016

    Walmart cuts in-store back-office jobs

    IF they mean what they are saying about putting more associates on the sales floor, then this is going to be good, especially for the customer. Backroom associates do not add to the bottom line. Storefront associates can assist the customer in filling the shopping cart. That is the only thing that makes the registers ring.
  • Posted on: 08/30/2016

    Is the Millennial car shopper Amazon’s next big audience?

    I wish this existed in my area a few months ago. We recently went through the search stage after not having to do it for many years (we keep cars for a long time). There have been no positive changes in the way the customer is handled in a typical non-executive car dealership. You think the salesperson is your friend until you are turned over to "the closer." That is when things and relationships go downhill. If this step can be avoided at least during the search stage, this is going to be a good venture for Amazon.

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