Ed Rosenbaum

CEO, The Customer Service Rainmaker, Rainmaker Solutions

“Practice, Drill, Rehearse, Then Do It Again!”

Meet Ed Rosenbaum, CBSE (Certified Building Services Executive) CEO and Master Trainer of Rainmaker Solutions …

Ed Rosenbaum, The Customer Service Rainmaker.

Ed Rosenbaum’s mantra is “You are my mission.” His passion is to deliver excellence in customer service as a mentor, a trainer, a team leader, a visionary, trusted advisor and a RAINMAKER for his clients; training executives, managers, supervisors and front line employees.

He is an expert at identifying management, customer service and sales issues and concerns within a company. His motivational techniques and personal training methods have been developed over a successful career spanning over 3 decades.

His dynamic and personal style of coaching is comfortable – as Ed likes to say, “You have to hit singles and doubles first then the homeruns will come with practice in smarter sales and income producing techniques.”

Ed is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Business Administration. He has done graduate work at Loyola College in Business Management and at East Carolina University in Human Resources Management. He has also taken extensive seminars in Integrity Selling, Customer Service, Managing and Achieving Goals and Selling Principles.

  • Posted on: 04/24/2017

    What customer service lessons can be learned from United Airlines?

    Probably better stated would be what can United learn from others about customer service. Obviously, there are gaps in whatever system they have. I would hope by now the powers that are in place at United are well on their way to resolve and replace whatever they were doing by something that works. The seats that were needed should have been set aside long before the flight was ready to take off.
  • Posted on: 04/13/2017

    Is UPS’s Saturday announcement a sign of deliveries to come?

    This is not a surprise since we get many deliveries on Saturdays. So why not make it official like UPS did? Next will be the announcement from FedEx. This will be good for residential deliveries because of many of the reasons already stated. But will businesses need to staff for Saturday deliveries, or will they just as easily be held until Monday?
  • Posted on: 04/12/2017

    Will an in-store pickup discount give Walmart an edge over Amazon?

    It is always a good idea when your plan involves getting more customers into the store. This is one of the benefits of Walmart's new plan. Will it give them an edge over Amazon? I doubt it. But it does give them the opportunity to have added impulse sales which Amazon can't do. My bigger question is, how many Walmart customers will actually be taking advantage of the discount by buying online?
  • Posted on: 04/11/2017

    Are ‘Employee of the Month’ programs worth it?

    Let's get rid of "of the month" and make it an employee recognition award. Recognition by the customers for someone going above and beyond to make something good happen. Recognition by superiors for the idea no one else thought of that does something good for the company's growth. Recognition for developing a program that embodies customer service and carries it through to the sales floor.This could be a daily or weekly award. An instant recognition for trying to make something good even better. It takes us back to the once very popular "management by walking around." See something good, say something immediately.
  • Posted on: 04/11/2017

    What will retailers gain from HHGregg’s loss?

    If the forecasts are correct Best Buy will certainly benefit. But more important are the questions about vacated real estate and another large number of people looking for work. The number of people out of work seems to be growing as we are being told jobs are returning. I hope the jobs are coming back, but have serious doubts that the numbers returning will have much of a positive effect overall.
  • Posted on: 04/04/2017

    Why haven’t customer surveys gone mobile?

    I have no problem responding to surveys as long as they are meaningful. Yes, ask me about my experience in the store and I will respond almost every time; but only if I had a good or bad experience. I want them to know if my experience was on either end of the spectrum so they are aware of it. If my experience was more nondescript, I tend not to respond.
  • Posted on: 04/04/2017

    Is the time right for Publix to begin a major rollout of its GreenWise stores?

    The thought that Publix needs two store formats is one that I do not agree with. Publix has been successful over the years bringing new "GreenWise" products into their existing locations. One thing we have been attempting to do is eliminate the many stops needed to complete the weekly shopping list and save time and gas expenses. Opening a second "brand" might not be the right thing to do when one-stop shopping can be accomplished in the existing locations.
  • Posted on: 03/29/2017

    How can retailers foster staff enthusiasm for better customer experiences?

    Are the posters available to be purchased?
  • Posted on: 03/29/2017

    How can retailers foster staff enthusiasm for better customer experiences?

    I agree with Max. All the points mentioned in the article are important. But at the end of the day you have to be able to pay your bills.Now let's move on from that point. The Container Store is the best example I know of a retailer that is doing the right things -- correctly and consistently. They take time to insure that they are hiring the best people available to them. Then those employees are extensively trained so the right things are continually done. Honoring the customer and the importance of the customer getting what they need so they return is paramount. Customers must remember the buying experience as one they want to have again. Their turnover is very low compared to the industry average.
  • Posted on: 03/22/2017

    What do know-it-all shoppers want?

    An interesting sub-question to this is, "what do shoppers who do not know it all want?" I might be at the head of the lack-of-knowledge class when it comes to shopping at a Home Depot or Lowe's. I have no idea why my wife would even trust me enough to send me there. I simply do not know what I want or need to fix a problem and am dependent on the sales clerk being able to assist me. I can easily tell when the clerk is unsure of what he is doing and quickly ask for someone else to assist me. When I have found that clerk who is easy to speak with and helpful I know I am walking away with what I need. We need more of that no matter what type store we are shopping in. Most of us, no matter what our profession, need assistance at some point in our shopping and should not try to pretend we don't.
  • Posted on: 03/20/2017

    Will Google/Levi’s smart jacket finally make wearables fashionable?

    Yes it has to be functional and I question the functionality of this because of the cost. $350.00 is expensive for a jacket that can only be worn when the seasonal weather allows for it. Certainly not mid winter when it is too cold, or mid summer when it is too hot. I like the thought process. But this product has a limited value to a limited few.
  • Posted on: 03/17/2017

    Are Amazon’s boxes prime ad real estate?

    Why has it taken so long? It is happening almost everywhere else: stadium naming, branded shoes on athletes, NASCAR cars and drivers' fire suits, golfers' bags and shirts. So why not on an Amazon box that goes out to so many people daily? Max called it prime real estate. He is right. This could become almost as valuable and desired as advertising on the Super Bowl.
  • Posted on: 03/16/2017

    Can UPS fly past Amazon in drone delivery?

    Who knows which company will win in drone technology. Who knows if it will be either Amazon, UPS or another innovative company. But the fun has become sitting back and watching this develop.
  • Posted on: 03/15/2017

    Does Macy’s incoming CEO have a plan to turn the business around?

    Two comments:First, self-serve should not mean there is no one around to assist the customer. That has been the case too many times even before starting this new effort.Next is about small print on coupons. Thank you if you really mean it. When there's small print, the customer is enticed to buy something on sale because the price is right only to find out the small print excludes it.
  • Posted on: 03/14/2017

    Are Old Navy’s ads more effective sans celebrities?

    Amy Schumer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus may be funny. But I am not going to any store because they promote it. The stores they promote offer huge discounts anyway. So what do they do to add to it? My thought is promote your wares, and do it without someone in an advertisement thinking they are funny by trying on a pair of pants on a dance floor.

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