David Baker

Founder, COO
I would classify my career in two words; "Multiplier Effect"​. Combination of two decades of great connections to smart people, roles and access at the highest levels within some of the largest Data and Agency brands and with some of the largest, most iconic brands in the industry. . My role is to optimize today, prepare for tomorrow and drive smart technology and business innovation cross the Adtech/Marketing industry. I've learned to give knowledge unconditionally and that you must continually reinvent yourself and your outlook.

Specialties: Interactive Marketing, Internet of Things, Email/Mobile Marketing, Addressable advertising, Marketing Strategy/Technology/Automation, Direct Marketing, Online/Offline Analytics, Sales, Channel Sales, Business Development, Online Media, Knowledge Management, and Technology Infrastructure/Systems, Cloud Computing, Big Data.
  • Posted on: 05/02/2017

    Is omnichannel a retail margin crusher?

    Nice research and call outs. If you layer in the channel promotional and fulfillment tactics, impact on profitability, discount effects, fulfillment business rules (e.g. free shipping, free restocking, unconditional return policies), omnichannel can be a drag on margins and an attribution nightmare when trying to reconcile omnichannel expense allocation. But in the age of Amazon eating everyone's lunch, and the age of "service" and "convenience," some ship from store efforts are necessary strategies even at lower margins. But as omnichannel suggests, while each channel layered in has an impact on margin, each channel has a stacking effect on the buyer's view of the brand.
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