David Dorf

VP Product Management, Infor

David Dorf is VP of Product Strategy at Infor where he focuses on commerce (bricks and clicks). He’s passionate about the customer experience and how technology can benefit the retail industry.

Before joining infor, David worked for Oracle Retail, 360Commerce, Circuit City, AMF Bowling, and Schlumberger’s Retail & Banking division developing Point-of-Sale systems using various technologies.

David is on the Board of NRF-ARTS and has chaired workteams for SOA Blueprint, NEAR, Customer, Mobile Blueprint, and Social Blueprint. David holds degrees from Virginia Tech and Penn State.

Follow David on twitter at @dordav.

  • Posted on: 04/24/2017

    Should Bloomingdale’s sales associates receive commissions for online sales?

    Store associates always need some amount of credit when they participate in the transaction, regardless of where the transaction starts or finishes. Otherwise, customer service tends to suffer. Buy online pickup in-store requires store associates to pick hold, and release the merchandise, which takes their time. Plus, they own the final interaction with the customer, so it's important that they are happy and reinforcing the brand's image.It's too hard to associate pure online transactions to the store, so I'll stop short of recommending credit be given there. But when the store is directly involved, like shipping from the store, credit is due.
  • Posted on: 02/03/2017

    Why do so few shoppers think of BOPIS as a ‘smooth’ process?

    The key to BOPIS is store inventory accuracy. Without it, the customer is sure to be disappointed. Staff being able to quickly find the right products to set them aside within the SLA is the second step. The actual in-store process varies greatly, but posted signage and/or detailed instructions on the website go a long way to ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Posted on: 01/27/2017

    Should retail still be nervous about the cloud?

    Most retail systems are made better by the cloud. They can scale more easily, stay updated with new features and tend to be more secure. The one exception is POS, which processes the majority of a retailer's revenue. No CIO will trust store sales to an imperfect network. So retailers can either invest in the network infrastructure to provide a backup network (like 3G or 4G) or ensure the POS has resiliency when offline. SaaS is here to stay, even for store systems.
  • Posted on: 05/24/2016

    Is the paper receipt dying?

    I don't see paper receipts going away, but there will be fewer. Email is a great alternative, but who wants to give an email address at the register? Emailed receipts work great when there's a loyalty program, but we need an alternative for non-loyalty. Perhaps we can use NFC to both pay and get a digital receipt.

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